Touch – The Magic Energy Refueler

“Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts.”—Charles Dickens

It has long been known that touch is a powerful way to engage, empower, and energize another person.

When my mother was a young girl she and two of her sibling lived in an orphanage. She told me it was a time she felt the most isolated and alone in her entire life. Children received little individual attention due to the large number of kids who lived there. Psychologists have discovered that the lack of holding, hugging or any physical or emotional touch put children at risk for behavioral, emotional and social problems as they grow up.

I believe all pain in adulthood is pain we bring from childhood. Therefore, when I was training for my PhD I was required to become more self-aware, which met having a better understanding of my background. One of the most powerful programs I attended was deep in the woods of central Texas. I called it The Wildman Weekend. The exercise that had the most impact on me was when the participants sat in a circle with a staff member standing in back of me. The instructions were to visualize being a new born baby and in the arms of my father. The staff person then wrapped his arms around me and began to whisper touching statements for example; “You are my beautiful baby boy,” “I’m so proud of you,” “I love you so much.” You can only imagine the emotions this exercise aroused in me and based on the tears I saw in others it created the same in them. Feeling the touch of arms around me and words expressing love and pride in a new born son was overwhelming and powerful.

When I recall this experience it still conjures up emotion in me. I also learned that touch has healing powers, whether they come through physical expression or the expression of words. It’s not always appropriate to give someone a physical hug. It is, however, always appropriate to touch someone through the expression of kindness, appreciation or comforting words.

What are you struggling with? Anxiety, excessive stress, conflict with a loved one, disappointment, discouragement or it could be any emotion or situation. I want to offer you three actions you can take to acquire your healing.

First, the next time you have a disagreement with your spouse or significant other ask him or her to sit across the table from you and reach out and hold hands. Discuss your disagreement while holding hands with one another. You are going to find it hard to stay angry while holding hands.

Second, if you struggle with any difficult emotion; anxiety, depression or disappointment, make a trip to a local store and verbally touch someone through a compliment or encouragement.

Third, if you feel disappointment or discouragement make it a point find someone who is feeling the same emotions and verbally touch that person. I have a niece who lost her job so I called her and we discussed how she might explore different careers. It helps with her discouragement and also lifted my spirits as well.

Touch is a powerful refueler. It not only refuels the energy of the person you touch but also will refuel your energy. I love Dickens quote. The world is not always a nice place. Don’t allow it to harden your heart, or tire your spirit. Make every touch, either physical or verbal, one that makes the life of another person stronger.

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