The Torment of Anxiety

You’re sitting with a friend or loved one at a table in a public restaurant, and they begin to share their struggle with anxiety. Suddenly they stop in mid-sentence, and as you are listening attentively, you are unaware of what’s about to happen. Just talking about their anxiety has triggered the anxious feeling and it’s about to become overwhelming.

Next, they put their head down and ask to be excused from the table. It’s happened again, the beginning of a full-blown anxiety attack. After all, fighting back the tears of anxiety and the exhaustion that comes with it is not an easy task. It takes energy to overcome anxiety.

The restroom is a safer place, out of sight of so many eyes and ears. Obviously, no one wants to break down in the middle of a restaurant or any other public place. Once they are out of sight, they splash a little water in their face, breathe deeply to gain composure and make their way back to the table hoping to look refreshed.

I’ve experienced this scenario many times when working with professionals, business owners and individuals. One thing is for sure, anxiety is all inclusive affecting people of both genders, regardless of ethnicity, personal beliefs or any other individual characteristic. There is one very interesting statistic. Women have more difficulty with anxiety than men. Men struggle with anxiety too. However, it’s second to addiction.

What is the cause of all this anxiety? There are several reasons people experience anxiety. You may be surprised that the causes are not emotional but behavioral. Using my gift is to make sure you overcome the core behaviors causing anxiety in my new e-learning course Energy To Overcome Anxiety

For example, do you believe guilt is an emotion or behavior? In our society we talk about guilt as an emotion, for instance, “I feel guilty” when in reality, it’s a behavior that can lead to the emotion of anxiety.

Guilt – But Dr. Bob, I thought guilt was an emotion? I’ve heard this many times, and my answer never changes. “Emotions come from guilt; for example, the emotion of anxiety and anger, but guilt is a behavior.”

If you do a misdeed or make a mistake and believe you need to apologize, it's natural to feel sorrow or regret. Asking for forgiveness is normal and should be enough. However, if you hang on to the misdeed and begin to experience guilt you are creating a behavior. If a person rehearses the misdeed over and over in their mind, it becomes distorted and feelings become more intense. When that occurs, you are on the threshold of creating anxiety.

When guilt becomes a behavior paying penance never ends. In fact, any behavior taken to the extreme will rob energy from every aspect of life.
When a person embodies these behaviors they decrease their ability to handle stress, low energy and decrease the immune system to fight off disease.

In summary, there are two ways to deal with guilt.

Managing a Misdeed or Mistake – Go to the person who hurt by your action and apologize. Be sincere, genuine, and let that be enough.
Managing a Guilt Behavior – If you have not apologized do that first. Each time the thought of the incident comes to mind perform the “Thought Stopping” Technique. Say to yourself, “Stop” and begin thinking of something more pleasant.

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Dr. Bob Rausch

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