The Stress of Finding Purpose as a Millennial

We all search for purpose in life, a way to define ourselves and find reason for our existence. This quest for purpose is the driving force behind pursuing our passions. If you believe that you are on this planet for a specific reason then the most important thing you can exert your energy on is towards a quest dedicated to tapping into your full potential. 

Sadly too many people find themselves getting lost on the road to self-fulfillment. Many start off optimistic and with the best intentions but quickly find themselves stumbling over arduous obstacles and distracted by societal pressures. 

In fact, it is the stress that society currently places on millennials to succeed that may be the very thing that knocks them off track. Over time the definition of success has had many meanings and today, to many, success is correlated with having a prestigious title and earning a hefty paycheck.

While this definition of success is not necessarily incorrect, it is not always aligned with one’s inherent mission to discover their passion and purpose in life. It can also create an enormous amount of anxiety for someone torn between wanting to achieve the best of both worlds. 

So as a millennial, how can you find a healthy balance between these two very different versions of success and manage the stress that is created in the midst of a journey towards reaching our goals? The answer requires one to look at life through a different lens. 

I believe we are looking at anxiety from the wrong angle. Stress does not have to be viewed as a crippling obstacle. If we instead look at stress as a driving force towards achieving our goals, like success, the meaning of anxiety can take on a new definition and can be looked at in an entirely different light.

Anxiety is inevitable in life. But I believe that rather than trying to eliminate stress from life, millennials should use this emotion to their advantage. Once you are in control of your anxiety it can no longer hinder you, it can only act as a catalyst to your success. 

Of course this is easier said than done. However stress can only be what we allow it to become. If we view it as a paralytic to our success then that’s what it will be. What we can do instead is take a conscious look at the anxiety in our life and ask ourselves the question: How can I take advantage of these feelings and use them to learn and grow?

It’s in this answer that we’ll discover that we are actually in control of our anxiety and can transform it into fuel for achieving our dreams. Then stress will never again stop us in pursuit of our life purpose; in fact it will only accelerate the path to our dreams and the possibilities towards our success would be endless.

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Liv Raimonde

Liv Raimonde is a mental health and healthy living blogger. She is devoted to ending the stigma associated with mental illness by sharing stories of her own personal battle with depression and anxiety