Energy Driven Leader Inc (Dr. Bob Rausch) expanding services to include The 50-Minute Hour Coaching Program

The need for individual hourly coaching is significant. I have committed to expand my coaching programs to meet the increasing demands for individuals on an hourly basis. The past few months I have had numerous individuals who wanted me to coach them to solve select problems. I’m calling this new program the 50-Minute Hour Coaching Program.

It is exciting for me to combine the 16 years of clinical practice and family therapy with the 15 years of coaching leaders in corporations. Individuals who struggle with anxiety, stress and burn-out and family or work issues will benefit from my expertise in the counseling room and the board room; solving issues that relate to work and home.

This program is in addition to my executive coaching and consulting. Hourly coaching will consist of a clients’ choice of having a single hour coaching meeting, or choosing monthly or quarterly blocks of time. This short-term program is designed to meet the need of individuals who do not have the advantage of coaching within their corporation and don’t believe they require a mental health professional.

The 50-Minute Hour Coaching will begin on May 1, 2016 and will benefit entrepreneurs, business owners, emerging leaders, changing careers, discovering purpose, and challenging personal and family issues.

Coaching will be conducted by phone or skype or any platform media of the clients’ choosing. Clients can be assured of total confidentiality. Interested parties will discuss objectives and fees during a free 15-minute interview with me at your request.

Energy Driven Leader, Inc. (Dr. Bob Rausch) is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. For more information contact Dr. Bob Rausch at Phone at 469-387-6655, or visit him on the web at

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