Do You Know What You're Made Of ?

Today, more thought leaders than ever are turning inwards to find their strength and to propel themselves towards a brighter future. There can be no question, that when individuals know what they are “made of” both inwardly and outwardly, they handle their problems differently than when they are unconscious of their strengths.

Many in leadership roles emphasize the importance of personal growth and development as a means to recognize inner skills and strengths. Without this inward reflection, one may never truly know what they are capable of. For those who exist in a career mind-set, a time will almost always certainly come where a leader discovers that he/she must depend solely on their own self-knowledge, self-confidence, and self-acceptance. Harnessing this holistic approach to leadership is the key to making the most of one’s governance abilities.

Of course, grasping this truth in the first place involves significant introspection. Not everyone comes to self-knowledge simply by sitting around in groups with big pillows chanting some spiritual prayer over and over (although some may have). Self-knowledge is about taking a good, honest look at your abilities, frailties, and the real virtues you possess. This provides a benchmark for achievement and a starting point from which to work.

However, the greatest benefit of self-knowledge is revealed when times get tough and others question our value. When we are confident in our abilities, we refuse to allow others to pass judgment on us. Even when others aren’t convinced of what we can do, we are confident in ourselves and move forward as leaders, rather than insecure followers. We affirm our belief in ourselves, and approach the unknown with firm belief in our decisions.

Aside from building belief in our abilities despite resistance, self-knowledge also involves knowing what gives us energy and what drains it. Consider this quote from the eCourse, The Power of Personal Energy:

“Refueling energy focuses on your personal beliefs about yourself, and your decisions about how you respond to people and situations you face on a daily basis. It’s about challenges, and how you triumph over them and come out a better, more energized person having gone through the experience. “

Use self-knowledge to energize your inner strength and connect with your possibilities in the process. After all, when we know what we are capable of the sky is truly the limit.

Expert Reactions:
"There is a place beyond physical strength, beyond emotional capacity, beyond rational thought where pure volition is the only source of moving forward. When the physical pain is overwhelming, or the emotional exhaustion has demanded more than we have, and when logic won't hold, sheer force of human will is what we are ultimately made of. In those moments we find a resource in simple desire to finish what we started and to stand atop the mountain as a victor. When that happens, and we stand back later to contemplate what we've done, we find a joy inexpressible, for we have achieved something through the power of human will." - Dr. Jim Bohn, The Blue Collar Scholar/Leadership and Change Evangelist/Author

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