Corporate Coaching:

A Step Deeper in the Life of a Leader

Today organizations face unparalleled complexity and rapid change in the marketplace. If leaders and managers are to succeed, they must meet the challenge of developing engaged, high-performance team members who quickly adapt to change while working with limited resources.

The critical question is; how can management create employee engagement that positively impacts performance? Just 30 percent of American workers are engaged at work, according to Gallup, costing the nation $450 billion to $550 billion per year in lost productivity. That includes the price of absenteeism, workplace accidents, and increased health care costs.

The 50 Minute Hour Coaching© is in high demand. This coaching process is uniquely created to produce the confidence needed by a leader or manager to develop high performance, engaged team members.


The 50 Minute Hour Coaching@ provides leaders and managers with a short-term, energy saving coaching process that is solely focused on improving performance in team members.


  • Learn a short-term five -step coaching process.
  • Utilize a coaching process that requires minimal time and energy.
  • Develop team member efficiencies and skill levels.
  • Reduce absenteeism and increase employee retention.
  • Strengthen individual and team engagement and morale.

Managers spend a great deal more time than a 50 Minute Coaching Hour dealing with employees who under-perform or make careless mistakes. Managers of an East Texas manufacturing company reported that they spent approximately 40% of their time on non-production issues, for example, employee errors, poor behavior and lack of communication.

Managers have no time or the "know how" to do extensive coaching. Most often low performance is dealt with through discipline, which is a long-term process that becomes energy draining for the manager and unproductive for the employee.

Individual Coaching:

Coaching you from stress to success

Has anyone told you lately that living in our world is easy? If they have, I would love to talk with that person. For many, life is filled with daily challenges that push people to the limit. We have become a society of stressed out, worn out, and burned out people.

For the past few years, I have had numerous individuals requesting personal coaching. I am responding to that need. I now offer and have added personal coaching to the present Energy Driven Leader programs. Individual or personal coaching will address issues that range from anxiety, marriage or family concerns to a career change. The process is easy; it is short term, either four or six sessions and cost effective. The coaching takes place over the phone, skype or whatever the client chooses. Each session is 60 to 90 minutes in length.

Click here to listen to an interview with Dr. Bob on the topic of how to "Manage Your Energy, Not Your Stress."

Here's what clients say about Dr. Bob:

"You are an invaluable business partner for any executive that walks through mine fields daily."

Jeff Banning, CEO
Trinity Logistics

"Dr. Bob helped me conquer a stronghold that I thought was impossible to break. His insight showed me life in a different light that has impacted my business and family immensely. My leadership has excelled, and my focus and drive are clear. Dr. Bob has an uncanny ability in coaching that is a true blessing to be a part of."

Zack Cherry, President
Zack Cherry Painting Contractors - Dallas, Texas

"Dr. Bob's coaching has helped me avoid wasting energy on conflict and frustration with people. As a result, I have become a better mentor and coach in helping people become more responsible and accountable to their personal power"

President of National Tubular Products
Major Steel Corporation

"Dr. Bob's coaching helped create an 180-degree difference in performance for the leading team members, I recommend Dr. Bob to anyone wanting to improve relationships with senior team members and their subordinates."

Mark A. Hischar, President/CEO
KBA North America, Inc


Dr. Bob Rausch

Dr. Bob Rausch is an executive coach and mentor with over 30,000 hours in one on one coaching. You might have seen the results of his work with companies such as U.S. Steel and Trinity Logistics, Inc. He's proud of coaching individuals from stress to success.