Coaching Over the Bridge

People deal with their struggles in various ways. Some are more drastic than others. I was awakened early one morning by a phone call from the Sheriff’s Department. The Deputy told me one of the two bridges from one city to the other were blocked because a man was threatening to jump off the bridge. They wanted me to get to the bridge as soon as possible to talk him down.

When I arrived, police cars were blocking both sides of the bridge. There was the man, perched on an I-Beam under the roadway 90 feet above a river known for its dangerous undercurrents. It seems strange to begin a conversation with ‘Hi, how are you?” in a situation like this, but that is what I did. The conversation led me to believe he was rational until he asked me to “come on down and have a seat” on the I-Beam with him. I quickly declined the request. Only after I asked him if he really wanted his children to know their father killed himself by jumping off a bridge that I persuaded him to climb back onto the roadway. He had isolated himself, without asking for help, and the internalized stress drove him to attempt to end his life.

My coaching clients do not go to that extreme before seeking my assistance. I’ve found that one of the top three “needs” of business leaders is a trusted confidant. Releasing the pressure allows people to gain perspective. My clients know “what to do” and “how to do it.” Their struggle is they have forgotten “why” in life and business. They lost touch with their purpose.

Five of the last six clients realized early in the coaching process they need someone to help them remember “why” they are doing “what” they do. Stress has overcome their success. Finding purpose is extremely relevant to individuals who are leading others. Without knowing the meaning of life and business, the person is driven by the circumstances of the day.

My new short-term coaching process helps you answer these questions; Do you know your purpose? What obstacles are blocking the passion and ‘fun’ you once had in your work? How do you overcome the stress that hinders and changes your level of success?

Expert Reactions:

"We all deal with struggles every day….in our own way. What enables us to keep going is our sense of purpose. Maybe it’s our family or a cause very dear to us – in all cases, it’s something greater than we are. New business startups (especially technology ones) are taking place around the globe. These new businesses start out as solopreneurs with a clear purpose – initially surviving and bringing their idea to market. As the months wear on, what many are not prepared for is the loneliness and the sense of isolation that working by yourself can bring. It’s exciting to make all the decisions yourself, but it can also be overwhelming without a sounding board. Just like the young man on the bridge, it’s important to reach out. Having a mentor or business coach provides the entrepreneur a second voice and thereby releases some of the day –to-day pressures of running a business by yourself while helping to keep the original goal and purpose top of mind." - Kevin FitzGerald, Startup & Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Blogger, Certified Leadership Expert, Speaker, Coach and Blogger.

"As a former school superintendent, I know from personal experience, how completely overwhelming and stressful the demands can be in the life of a leader. The greatest gift a leader can give to themselves is the gift of a coach. As the saying goes, it’s hard to see the picture when you are in the frame.” We all need help in seeing our conditions and circumstances through a different lens; a lens that allows us to harvest the good and keep moving forward towards success. As an educator, I knew that my “why” in life was to help kids learn what they needed to be successful in life, but somewhere along the way, I lost sight of that “why” and focused all of my energy on tasks that left me feeling stressed and overwhelmed.
Having a coach and a trusted confidant provided a path for me to gain more clarity in both my personal and professional life.
Gaining new insights and perspectives is tough to do when you are all alone, trying to make sense of your own struggles.
If you want to get back on track, rediscover your “why” and start enjoying the journey more, then don’t try to go it alone.
Invest in yourself by having a coach. Your future self with thank you." - Lynn Wicker, Author of Raising Kids That Succeed, Certified Leadership Expert, Speaker, Coach and Blogger.

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