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Refuel Yourself

Challenges that once energized you now produce anxiety and doubt. What do you do? We’ll help you find your strength as a leader and take action to create personal success. 


Refuel Your Business

You started your business for the freedom that comes with being your own boss. Now stress makes you wonder if it’s time to get out. We’ll help you understand how to maximize your energy.


Refuel Your Team

Competing agendas can negatively impact your team and weakens its performance. We’ll have your team functioning as a singular unit and create energy that is focused on your team goals.

Energy Driven Leader addresses the issues facing C-Suite executives, leadership professionals, and business owners who have run out of momentum. For nearly 30 years, expert Dr. Bob Rausch has worked alongside individuals and teams to release the pressure valve and develop a strong sense of direction over their lives so that they can accomplish their goals.

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